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An essay titled "Exiting the Rehearsal: A Body in Delhi", published in Issue 44: Time of Runway Journal, guest edited by Joel Spring.

An essay on Shweta Ghosh's documentary We Make Film (2021), written for Alternative South Asia Photography Connect.

Image: We Make Film relies on graphic tools to depict the discriminations inherent within an ableist society and what disability justice may entail through the use of white and multi-colour dots as motifs for homogeneity and diversity. We Make Film. Directed by Shweta Ghosh. Still courtesy Shweta Ghosh, 2021.

An interview with Nihaal Faizal and Sarasija Subramanian of Reliable Copy on their curatorial approaches towards building the exhibition "at the kitchen table" (1Shanthiroad, Bangalore, September 16 – October 5 2021), for MARCH International.

Image: Carolyn Lazard. “A Recipe for Disaster” 2018. HD video, 29 minutes (still). “at the kitchen table” Curated by Reliable Copy, 2021. 1Shanthiroad, Bangalore. Courtesy of the artist, Essex Street, and Reliable Copy.

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